Bunny Nature Crunchy Crackers - Quinoa & Amaranth (50g)

Bunny Nature Crunchy Crackers - Quinoa & Amaranth (50g)

Bunny Nature

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Crunchy Cracker contain valuable inulin. It effectively provides the regulation of blood sugar level and stabilises the intestinal flora. It taste special and it is also an eye-catcher on the shelf.
- Supplementary food for dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, mice, gerbils & rats
- Many animals already love the apple due to its fine taste. Now the love it even more thanks to the Crunchy Cracker!

This cookie unites two superfood components: quinoa and amaranth! They are very tasty and rich in essential amino acids. Because of many easily digestible nutrients, these cookies are especially valuable.


Spelt, oat bran, rice, fruit pomace, chokeberry pomace (4%), oat peel bran, lignocellulose, quinoa (1%), amaranth (1%), calcium carbonate, chicory powder (0,5% inulin)

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