Bunny Nature Enjoy Nature Garden Happiness - Veggie Blossom Leaf Mix (35g)

Bunny Nature

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Enjoy Nature represents a pure, natural taste through and through. The wide variety of types will excite both pets and owners. Who wouldn‘t want to give their pet a health treat from time to time.
100% NATURAL - no sugar, no additives, no flavour enhancers, no preservatives, no colourings
Animals that find such a large diversity of natural ingredients in their dish are happy indeed. Vegetables that are rich in vitamins, delicate blossoms and leaves are the highlight here.


carrots, parsley root, chicory root, celery, rosehip peel, birch leaves, cornflower blossoms, marigold blossoms, currant leaves, cowslip, rose blossoms (vegetables 87%, blossoms 7%, leaves 6%)

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