Niteangel Super Silent Wheel 28cm | Mint

Niteangel Super Silent Wheel 28cm | Mint


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Run, hammy, run!

Key Features:

  • Super Silent 28cm Hamster Wheel, designed with Dual Ball bearings, it brings your little hamster endless running happiness. as well as a quiet night for you!
  • Made with PS plastic (Running Drum) and acrylic(the base of hamster wheel), it is pet-friendly and chew-resistant
  • Attractive Mint wheel for an extra pop of colour in the tank!
  • Adjustable Height & Solid Base - Variable height is between 1-inch (ca. 2.5cm) and 4-inch(ca. 10cm) bottom height, 10.5cm track size
  • Suitable for dwarf hamsters, roborovskis, gerbils, and syrians

Tips when choosing a wheel:

The width of the wheel should ideally be a little wider than your hamster's body. Also, ensure that your hamster's back is flat while he/she is running! If your critter has to arch his/her back to run in the hamster wheel, then the wheel is too small. 

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