Purple Kohlrabi Microgreen Sprouts Kit


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Purple Kohlrabi Microgreen Sprouts Kit

Kit includes:

1) 1 packet of seeds (15g)

2) 3 coco wheels 

3) 1 sprouting tray

Kohlrabi in German means “cabbage turnip”. Purple Kohlrabi will add a flash of vibrant colour to your dishes and complements most other green micros. It is fast-growing and returns a hearty harvest of purple stems with green leaves.

Organic and Non-GMO UrbanSproutz Seeds.

Kohlrabi Microgreens has a sweet initial crunch followed by a mild spiciness. Some say it is peppery, while others say it tastes like sweet cabbage – you be the judge. It has a thicker stem than other Microgreens, making it crunchy and crisp.

Health Benefits
Vitamin C, B6 (folate), B1 (thiamin), antioxidants, calcium and fibre

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