Rodipet Limited Edition Snuggle Box


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Get your hands on our The Burrow X Rodipet Limited Edition Snuggle box!

Suitable for all rodents, each box contains the complete set of Rodipet Bedding Toppers:

  • Flowering Meadow (Dried flowers for snacking, while freshening up the tank)
  • Herb Garden (Dried flowers and petals to add little splashes of colour in your pet’s home)
  • Nibble me (Crunchy-tasty top bedding for dental care, with Jerusalem artichoke and willow bark)
  • Smell me (Teases the sense of scent, with dandelion, peppermint and aniseed)
  • Enjoy me (Scent of moss and earth, with willow bark, birch leaves and oats)
  • Discover me (Ideal for your hamster's snack time, with corn flowers, marigolds and roses)
  • Relaxing you (Ideal for nest building, with lavender and Echinacea)

Each box also comes with a bedding of Black Forest Hay:

  • Incomparably fresh scent
  • Incredibly green
  • Contains a wide variety of herbs
  • Rich in fibre and nutrients

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