Rodipet Set of 4 Stilts | 6mm to fit DaVinci line of houses


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Hamster house stilts for safely placing houses in high bedding areas

Especially when placed in non-compacted areas of high bedding, houses that have no firm stand can become dangerous for your hamster: As he tunnels beneath a wall, the house can slip down into the newly made tunnel and potentially crush the poor Hammy.

To prevent accidents of this sort, you can install stilts on the bottom edges of hamster houses before placing them in high bedding areas. These stilts can be fitted to the corners of the DaVinci Hamster House Mazes with a slight effort (the latter being necessary to ensure that they cannot just slip off). After attaching the stilts, you can just put the house into your hamster’s habitat and fill in bedding or substrate and be sure that your hamster can safely tunnel to his heart’s content.

Measurements and details

Stilts (each):
Height: 15 cm 
Width: 2.5 cm

Gap width: 6 mm 

This product made of solid beech wood and designed to be combined with any DaVinci Hamster House Maze

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