Rodipet Small Pet Peat (400g)


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Natural peat for digging box or digging areas in the pet enclosure

Small Pet Peat has been treated especially for use in the homes of small pets. Free from additives such as fertilizers, plastic or Styrofoam balls or coconut fibre, it is a natural substrate that may be used as bedding in an enclosed area of the cage or as substrate in a sandbox

  • 100 % natural
  • ideal for digging
  • compostable
  • absorbs odours and fluids
  • without additive

  • Digging substrate
    Hamsters, mice, rats and many other rodents are burrowing animals. As such, they have a natural urge to dig and burrow. This urge is due to the fact that they could not survive in the wild without the shelter of a burrow. They therefore dig more or less intricate dens and tunnel systems, according to their individual species. Even when we offer our pets plenty of hiding places they still have this urge to dig.

    We can help our little friends to satisfy their digging instinct by providing a digging box filled with Small Pet Peat. By the way, to make the digging box particularly interesting, you can occasionally sprinkle some small seeds or a few dried insects in it – that way, your little friend can’t just dig to his heart’s content but can also forage for food just like he would do in the wild.

    Everything in moderation…
    While Small Pet Peat is an excellent digging substrate and many pet rodents just love digging in peat, it should never be used as the only bedding in the cage. Peat needs to be kept slightly moist, so please verify that your cage won’t be damaged by the moisture before setting up a digging corner straight in the cage, or use a moisture resistant (e. g. varnished) digging box. 

    Rodipet® recommends this product for

    all burrowing pet rodents, e. g. Syrian hamsters, gerbils, dwarf hamsters, fancy mice, rats, steppe lemmings and many others

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