Sweet Pea Microgreen Sprouts Kit


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Sweet Pea Microgreen Sprouts Kit

Kit includes:

1) 1 packet of seeds (30g)

2) 3 coco wheels 

3) 1 sprouting tray

The Microgreen that we had chosen to use as the UrbanSproutz corporate logo! A striking staple of the Microgreens family, sweet pea is used as a garnish by chefs all over the world. It has a large seed which gives the emerging plant a protein shake to sprout high proudly. It is distinguished by its tendrils which are those stringy arms curling out looking for something to grab hold of (peas are essential climbers after all).

Organic and Non-GMO UrbanSproutz Seeds.

Pea Microgreens are sweet and crunchy. Due to their thickness, they can be eaten raw or cooked. They are a little more robust in texture and so have some great fibre benefits.

Health Benefits
Vitamin K, Vitamin C and also contains Beta-carotene – which is converted into vitamin A

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