Urbansproutz Microgreens Sprouting Kit | Jade Pak Choy


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Contains 1 pack of seeds (starter pack size), 1 sowing box, 1 coco bed and instruction sheet


You have this regularly in stir fry with oyster sauce or garlic – now try it as your own home-grown Microgreen. This type of Chinese cabbage is easy to shoot, fast growing and can even be grown to a baby leaf stage. It has a crisp white stem and a deep green leaf – a “mini me” of its larger parent.

Organic and non-GMO UrbanSproutz seeds.


Pak Choy is mild and slightly sweet, so it is an easy Microgreen to mix with many different dishes as it will not overpower the taste, whilst still giving you max nutritional value.

Food Suggestions

Scrumptious in a sandwich or tossed through a salad. We have it regularly on top of avocado toast, and thrown by the handful into any type of soup noodles.

Health Benefits

Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Mineral Selenium. Also rich in Sulphorophane.

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