Versele-Laga Hamster Complete | 2kg

Versele-Laga Hamster Complete | 2kg


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Hamster Complete is a complete and tasty food for (dwarf) hamsters, composed for 100% of easily digestible, extruded pellets.

Versele-Laga Complete for Hamster & Gerbil is a 100% extruded mono component food for hamster & gerbils. Contains additional animal proteins for optimal digestion and good appetite.


Cereals (40%), derivatives of vegetable origin, vegetables (peas 15%), meat and animal derivatives (chicken 4%), fruit (apple 4%), oils and fats (salmon oil 1%), seeds (linseed 2%), minerals (montmorillonite clay 0.5%), yeasts, eggs and egg derivatives, fructo-oligosaccharides (0.3%), calendula, yucca (125 mg/kg), rosemary, green tea

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