Rodipet Organic Teddy Hamster Food "Junior" (500g)


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Age-appropriate food mix for young teddy hamsters – composed just as it would be in the wild

As our little friends grow older their habits change, and so do their dietary needs.

Growing animals need a lot of protein for their bodies to grow and develop; young adult hamsters need a lot of energy as they first leave their mothers’ burrows, find their own territories and thence start looking for eligible mates; and aging pets need more fibre and vital substances to remain fit and mobile for as long as possible.

Our JUNiOR Mix is tailored to the needs of young long-haired Syrian hamsters. Its components are perfectly balanced to supply all the nutrients and energy an active young hamster needs to grow and develop. This also makes it an ideal food for pregnant or lactating females.

Carefully selected delicious herbs, quality seeds, tasty roots and tender vegetables from organic sources remind us of the steppes of Syria, which are the original habitat of hamsters of the species Mesocricetus auratus.

  • Age-appropriate diet
  • With vegetables and herbs
  • High-quality natural ingredients
  • From the food range of the natural habitat
  • Pick and choose your pet’s favourite insects separately!

35 prime ingredients from organic certified sources

Each of the 35 components included in our Organic Teddy Hamster Food recipe has been chosen based on what would be available to wild Syrian hamsters living on the highlands of Aleppo. All ingredients are carefully checked and only make it into our food mixes if they meet our strict quality requirements – thus, each and every bite your little gourmet takes is a feast for his senses.

Feeding recommendation

Feed 1.5 heaped measuring spoons (this equals 1.5 heaped tablespoons) and one to two insects of your choice per day. Please check weekly how much food your pet has stashed away in his larder: if the stores are, figuratively, overflowing, please reduce the amount of food slightly; if there is hardly anything stored your pet probably needs a little more food. If you are caring for a pregnant or lactating female, please let her have half a measuring spoon of this hamster mix and one insect extra per day.

This tub contains approximately 90 measuring spoons worth of food, which lasts on average 1-2 months, depending on the animal.


Yellow millet, corn flakes, barley, pumpkin seeds, oat flakes, rye, carrots, buckwheat, parsnip, clover seeds, parboiled peas, toasted soy beans, hempseed, parsley leaves, rapeseed, beetroot, camelina seeds, quinoa, birch leaves, alfalfa seeds, amaranth, spinach leaves, red clover seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, hazel leaves, marigold petals, evening primrose seeds, poppy seeds, golden linseed, nettle seeds, milk thistle seeds, aniseed, black sesame seeds, brown linseed (all ingredients are organically sourced)

Analytical constituents: crude fibre: 8.9 %, crude protein: 17.6 %, crude oils and fats: 8.2 %, crude ash: 3.6 %

Naturally contained minerals per 100 g: calcium: 250 mg, phosphorus: 560 mg, magnesium: 310 mg, potassium: 650 mg, sodium: 46 mg

Naturally contained trace elements: iron: 15.96 mg, manganese: 4.66 mg, zinc: 3.21 mg, copper: 0.33 mg

Rodipet® recommends this product for

Long-haired Syrian hamsters (teddy hamsters, angora hamsters)

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