About us


At The Burrow, we aim to educate and elevate the standards of hamster care and husbandry in Singapore one small (hamster) step at a time. From the wide selection of foods/products to the different sizes of enclosures and types of habitats that would fit in the space you have for your hamster, we curate and recommend the best products to suit your homes and lifestyles. 

As hamster owners ourselves, we found that there were no hamster-centric pet store that focuses on hamsters. Hence, we started The Burrow. In the future, we aim to expand our range to cater to other small rodents too! 

But now, it's time! It's time we, hamsters owners in Singapore, get our own hamster-centric store to shop to our hearts' content.

As small and tiny as they are, we know how deeply they can burrow into our hearts and they deserve nothing but the best we can offer!