Niteangel Platform Bridge


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Help your hamster reach for the stars (or the platform) with a Niteangel Platform Bridge.

Key Features:

  • Stable Climbing Bridge – Designed to be sturdy and flat, the bridge makes it easy for hamsters of all sizes (and climbing ability) to handle
  • Pet safe material – Made of birch and beech, which is safe for chewing
  • High versatility – Both ends of the ladder can be used, and you can attach it to other Niteangel pieces, such as the chamber, sand bath box or other platforms

Available in THREE sizes:

Small size measures 16cm in length and 10.6cm wide

Medium size measures 21cm in length and 10.6cm wide

Large size measures 26.3cm in length and 10.6cm wide

Fits all Niteangel Chambers and Niteangel Platforms

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