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Antbreaker kills entire ant colonies with a special formulation that is highly attractive to ants. Antbreaker is developed based on current entomological research on ant feeding habits, diet, and colony behaviour. Antbreaker is made in small batches from environmentally-friendly natural ingredients.

How Does It Work?
Antbreaker is a borax based ant-killer. While borax has very low toxicity in humans and animals, it is fatal to ants as they consume borax and bring it back to their colony along with the food source that Antbreaker provides. When the colony and queen consumes Antbreaker, it works on the ant digestive system and eventually kills them.

We should not have to say this but we have to: Not toxic to humans and pets in small amounts, but please don’t drink this. Like soap, a bit won’t harm you but if you drink enough of it (6 bottles) please seek medical attention. If you come into contact, simply wash.

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