Bunny Nature Hamster Dream Expert (500g)

Bunny Nature Hamster Dream Expert (500g)

Bunny Nature

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Some hamsters love nothing more than eating their pellets and extrudates, while others leave them untouched in their bowl. Picking out parts of a feed mix like this leaves the pets short of key nutrients
such as vitamins and trace elements. VitalPlus-granivor, a special mix of vitamins and trace elements, eliminates the need for pellets and extrudates in the Expert products.
- Complete food for hamsters, NO EXTRUDATE, NO PELLETS
- With VitalPlus granivore: Special mixture with vitamin trace elements
- With high-quality power ingredients: Quinoa & mung beans
- With crunchy vital vegetables: Carrot, parsnip & beetroot
- With delicious meal worms


plata millet, canary seed, pea flakes, mung beans (6,5%), barley, oats, Quinoa seeds (6%), corn, barley flakes, oatkernel, carrots (3,6%), sesame, silver millet, linseed, red millet, grass seed, parsnips (1,6%), mealworms (1%), calcium carbonate, Beetroot (1%), yarrow, dandelion leaves, lucerne, sweet pepper, Apples, rosehip, malva blossoms, semolina bran (vegetables 6,4%)

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