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  • Made in Germany
  • Industrial ball bearings for a whisper-quiet run
  • Rodent-friendly material that is easy to clean
  • Diameter 30 cm


heureka! Rollover-proof

The patented design makes it impossible for your protégé to roll over in the wheel.

The exotic design of the running drum - slanted instead of horizontal or vertical allows for a natural run parallel to the ground. Your pet will not notice anything about the special construction; except that it gives him a lot of pleasure!


heureka! Wellness for the paws

Your rodent's paws will be delighted! In contrast to a long grooved structure, an irregular pattern has been worked into the running drum to provide optimal grip while gently massaging the paws - just like in nature.

heureka! Smooth running bearing

The running drums specifically tuned ball bearings are smoothly running and therefore also suitable for petite animals. The running wheel has a large inner diameter of approx. 30 cm and a completely enclosed running surface without tripping hazards.The large diameter also allows your hamsters to run in the wheel without a bent spine.


heureka! Silently through the Rodentarium

The heureka!® Marathon Wheel is whisper quiet thanks to a high-precision axle and a perfect combination of selected, high-quality materials with an innovative design!

The plastic used is not only rodent-friendly and stable - it also absorbs a considerable amount of the pawing noise in the wheel. Not to mention that our wheel neither squeaks nor rattles. Built and designed for active, fun-loving rodents whose owners appreciate quiet nights!


Measurements and details

WxLxH: 32x19x34 cm
Diameter: Ø ca. 30cm


 Rodipet® recommends this product for

Golden hamster, Dwarf hamster, Gerbils and many other animals.

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