Niteangel Mount Fuji Bowl


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Eat and drink in style with a Niteangel Mount Fuji Bowl!

Key Features:

  • Great as a water bowl - the unique Fuji mountain shaped elevates the water level for your little critter, allowing him/her to drink easily without getting paws or body wet
  • Helps keep the natural drinking water posture to reduce the burden on the spine
  • Suitable for dwarf hamsters, roborovskis, Syrian hamsters, and gerbils
  • Made from highly transparent glass, it is pet-safe and chew proof.ย Weighing in at 145g, it is sturdy and cannot be easily flipped over by your hammy
  • Easy to clean (simply rinse it over running water, dry and use)
  • Can be used as a food or snack bowl too!


6.5cm in diameter and 3.2cm in height with a volume capacity of 50ml

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