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Peek-a-boo! Ready for a game of hide and seek with the Niteangle Peep platform?
Key Features:
  • An awesome hideout suitable for hamsters who love to burrow, or hide, while allowing you to easily find your hams, without disturbing them
  • Sturdy and secure -  it can double up as a platform for a water bottle/bowl or food bowl. 
  • Offers a 2-chamber exploring room - designed for dwarf hamsters and roborovskis - allows your small pets to set up their spaces to sleep or keep foods
  • Made of European Imported Birch Plywood, that is pet-friendly and chew safe, and built by the tongue and groove method without nails.
  • Corners and surfaces are sanded smooth for your critter's comfort and safety


28cm (L) x 13.5cm (W) x 11cm (H), side entrance is 5.5cm


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