Rodipet® Organic Dandelion Roots 75g


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Chewy dental care treat

This natural chewy treat makes for a great snack: Our tasty dried dandelion roots are not only a firm favourite with many pet rodents, they perfectly supplement your pet's usual main food and also satisfy the urge to chew. As your pet will really chew these thoroughly they help keep their permanently growing incisors in perfect shape, and your pet will find themselves entertained for quite some time with them.

A root of long tradition

In traditional Chinese medicine, dandelion roots have a long tradition of being used to alleviate problems of liver and gall bladder and for blood purification. Since dandelion is a common plant in all steppes on earth it comes as no surprise that rodents from all over the world love it. Dandelion roots are tasty and particularly rich in minerals as well as vitamins A, C, E, various B vitamins and potassium and calcium.

Feeding recommendation:

We recommend feeding your pet rodent one piece of the nutrient-rich dandelion root per week. This way, your pet can benefit from the goodness of it and yet it remains a special treat.

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