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Sand for digging, playing and nail care

Roborovski dwarf hamsters are originally from sandy areas of the Gobi desert, where they burrow tunnels in sand dunes. The original habitats of many other pet rodents are also sandy, at least in parts. Thus, it is not surprising that many of our four legged friends enjoy bustling about on sand and also dig in it. And sand is not just great for playing it but thanks to its structure it also “files” the animal’s nails as the animal scurries across it.

Why special BiMSi® Bedding Sand?
Since bathing sand contains very fine particles it is not exactly ideal for a sand box – for particularly if the pet digs about in the sand a lot, the particles get ever finer and soon there will be clouds of dust everywhere the moment the pet starts digging. Coarse quartz sand (also known as play sand) seems like a better alternative, but if a pet starts using it to bathe in there is a risk if coarse edges damaging the pet’s fur. The coarse structure of Toilet Sand is not a very inviting digging substrate. BiMSi® Bedding Sand is fine enough to feel pleasant to dig in and walk over, yet it is coarse enough to not be overly dusty. Moreover, while the individual particles of BiMSi® Bedding Sand are too large to thoroughly clean the coat they still don’t have harsh edges that might damage the coat. Furthermore, the grain size of the bedding sand is simply ideal for gentle nail care – every time your little friend walks on the sand and every time he digs in it his nails get a gentle filing.

Our tip: intensified nail care in the dust bath
Most animals scratch the ground a little while sand bathing. Thus, their nails are filed down a little – yet this effect is fairly insignificant with soft bathing sand. If your pet’s nails seem very long, you may want to mix a little bedding sand in with the bathing sand to increase the filing effect – thus, the fine particles can still groom the coat thoroughly while the coarser particles increase the filing effect of the bath on the nails.

Responsibly sourced in Germany
We only use pumice stone from German deposits in our BiMSi® products. This is quarried locally and, once exploited, the areas are recultivated and form farmland and valuable biotopes.

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