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Coarse sand for easy cleaning

Many rodents instinctively do their business, particularly their wee, in corners, and they often use the same corner again and again. In the wild, this helps to prevent the animals’ scent spreading and attracting predators. Moreover, by using one spot as a toilet the tunnels, nest and storage chambers are being kept clean. As pet owners, we can take advantage of this behaviour to reduce the amount of cleaning required and to improve cage hygiene at the same time: If the pet only pees in the corner toilet the bedding elsewhere remains dry, which suppresses bacterial growth – thus, the entire does not need to be cleaned out as frequently.

Super absorbent granules made from natural pumice stone
Hamsters and many other pet rodents instinctively use sandy corners as toilets, for there, urine quickly seeps away without forming puddles. Thus, using sand as a toilet substrate seems sensible, but fine chinchilla dust is not exactly ideal from a pet owner’s point of view: It generally sticks to the toilet’s sides when wet, making cleaning more difficult than it needs to be. Therefore, a coarser type of sand, e. g. our BiMSi® Toilet Sand, is more practical here – this extremely absorbent sand hardly sticks to the toilet at all, and most pets accept it just as well as they do bathing sand.

“Housetraining” instructions
After identifying the pet’s “usual corner”, fill the corner toilet with sand (or normal bedding, if your pet isn’t keen on sand) and place it in that very corner. Most pets will start using it immediately simply because it is in the spot they usually “go”.

For pets who do not take to the toilet at once it can help to put a little used bedding from the toilet corner into the corner toilet along with the clean toilet sand, and also to clean any other places your pet has previously used as toilets thoroughly with water and vinegar and then to put new bedding down there.

You may even be in for a pleasant surprise when a new hamster moves in: small rodents instinctively prefer doing their business on sand. Thus, they often start using a sand-filled corner toilet in their multiroom house at once even if they have never used one before.

Responsibly sourced in Germany
We only use pumice stone from German deposits in our BiMSi® products. This is quarried locally and, once exploited, the areas are recultivated and form farmland and valuable biotopes.

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