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Natural Cork for Climbing and Hiding

Rodipet® Cork Tunnels are an all-natural product: when a cork oak is harvested for the first time, the rough outer layer of cork is carefully loosed from the tree. This layer is then cut to size and thoroughly brushed and cleaned. While the tree keeps on growing you can bring this piece of nature into your home.

Due to the different way they are made, cork tunnels are softer than our cork tubes, but your pet rodent will love them just as much: A cork tunnel is not only a lovely climbing rack and hideout for your pet but also makes for a sturdy and healthy chewing material. To make the cork tunnel even more interesting for your pet you can occasionally hide a few grains of his food or a mealworm etc. in the cracks of the bark.

Whether you place the cork tunnels flat on the bedding as hideouts, diagonally as ramps or even under the bedding as pre-made tunnels is up to you – we are sure that your pet will love this bit of nature in his cage in any event.

By the way: cork is naturally water repellent and can easily be cleaned in spite of its many cracks and furrows. One proved method is to briefly rinse the cork with warm water and leaving it wet for a few minutes to soften any dirt. After a few minutes these can be cleaned away using a brush or cloth.


Inside diameter: ca. 8 - 12 cm (ca. 3.2 – 4.7 in)
Length: ca. 20 cm (ca. 7.9 in)

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