Rodipet EasyClean TERRA Ceramic House | 16cm


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Cool clay house for hamsters and other small rodents

House with a removable roof. Our Rodipet® EasyClean Ceramic House for pet rodents is made from durable quality ceramic. It was designed on the model of Mother Nature. Observations made during Rodenti® Expeditions in 2007, 2009 and 2010 to the northern Syrian agricultural steppe were essential in developing this species-appropriate high quality product.

Rodenti® Expedition to the home of Syrian hamsters

The choices of both colour and shape of this product are based on the actual burrows of wild Syrian hamsters. The house's round shape also works well for other species of pet rodents. The house works particularly well when combined with a Ceramic Burrow and a connecting tube. Such a setup allows the inhabitant(s) to create separate bed- and storage rooms betweeon which they can move under cover of the joining tube. Using the Ceramic Tube with Side Entrance, they can even slip in through a top-facing entry hole, just as they would do in the wild.

Can be fitted and joined with other Rodipet Terra Series products

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