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Rodipet® +GRANiT House MADiNA monoporta for Pet Rodents
made from birch wood and granite
cooling lookout post
natural nail care
removable roof
31 x 31 cm (ca. 12.2 x 12.2 in)
Hamster house with 3 rooms, 2 doors and granite roof for large Syrians
With three large rooms the MADiNA monoporta multiroom hamster house offers plenty of space for bedroom, storage room and bathroom. And since all of the rooms are large enough to fit a 17 cm wide Rodipet® Corner Toilet, cleaning this house is really quick and easy. A pleasure for pet and carer: The door opening of this hamster hideout is 7 cm (ca 2.8 in) in diameter, meaning that a Syrian hamster can slip through comfortably even with his pouches stuffed to the brim. The sturdy granite roof is perfect for offering a bowl of water or fresh vegetables: up there, the contents remain free from bedding or substrate. Moreover, a little bowl of something on the roof creates an extra incentive for your pet to move over the slightly rough granite and receive a pleasant pedicure. On a warm day, the stone even works as a welcome cooling plate. And to check on your little charge or remove any perishable food from the store room, you can simply lift off either side of the two-part roof, leaving your pet’s nest intact and not even bothering him much. SAFETY is high on Rodenti®’s list of priorities: The birch plywood we use is resin-free; any glues and binding agents used are perfectly safe for humans and rodents. And since we do not use nails, screws or staples, you can be sure that your pet will not get injured when gnawing his house.

Measurements and details:

Entrance: Ø 7 cm (ca. 2.8 in)
Base measurements: 31 x 31 cm (ca. 12.2 x 12.2 in)
Height: 13 cm (ca. 5.1 in)

Rodipet® recommends this product for:

Syrian hamsters, degus, gerbils and many others

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