Rodipet Hamster House Maze DaVinci | 31 x 28cm, 6cm


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Hamster house featuring 8 rooms hamster mansion for dwarf hamsters and other small rodents

This wooden hamster hideout has been developed especially for larger species of dwarf hamsters. The doors, 6 cm in diameter, can be used comfortably even with stuffed pouches. Since there are two doors, your hammy can feel entirely safe and secure, knowing there is always an escape route open to him. Inside, there are four large and four small rooms, so your pet can make himself at home and furnish store rooms and bedrooms according to his wishes.

Measurements and details

Entrance: Ø 6 cm (ca. 2.4 in)
Base measurements: 31 x 28 cm (ca. 12.2 x 11 in)
Height: 10 cm (ca. 3.9 in)

Rodipet® recommends this product for

Winter white dwarf hamsters, Campbell’s dwarf hamsters, fancy mice, Steppe lemmings, and many others

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