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Rodipet® hemp bedding creates a low dust climate inside the nagarium. A rodent’s eyes are generally far apart on the very sides of the head to give them as wide a field of vision as possible. Unfortunately, this little protected placement makes their eyes prone to injuries from something as inconspicuous as grains of dust. Especially Russian or winter white dwarf hamsters, but also many of their larger cousins, are susceptible to eye infections caused or aggravated by dust. These pets generally tolerate hemp bedding much better than the usual coniferous wood shavings.

The best of hemp
These natural odour- and fluid-absorbent fibres keep pests away. And to get rid of them after use they can simply be composted or used to mulch garden beds. In itself, hemp bedding is nearly odourless, with just the slightest hint of forest soil.

Rodipet® Hemp Bedding is of superior quality, being made solely from the immaculate inside parts of the hemp plant. Thus, each tiny bit feels soft and pleasant to your pet.

Hemp bedding doesn’t clump The individual bedding particles do not clump, even when they are soaking wet. They lie loosely against each other, so there is always some air around them. Thus, hemp bedding hinders rot and fermentation inside the pet enclosure and stops odours. It also dries quickly, retaining smells inside the capillaries of the hemp fibres.

Suitable for :

pet rabbits and rodents, e. g. Syrian hamsters, dwarf hamsters, fancy mice, rats, steppe lemmings, degus, chinchillas, gerbils and many others

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