Rodipet Millet Trio (120g)


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Rodipet® Millet Trio is a natural and tasty addition to your pet’s diet. Just like in the wild, your rodent has to work for his or her food. Foxtail millet and sorghum don’t have to be fed as a whole panicle, either – to prevent overfeeding you can simply break off a couple of inflorescences for your pet to enjoy.

Put two or three of the little clusters into your pet’s enclosure at a time. Your pet will eat them bit by bit. Simply replace the panicle section after your pet has finished picking all the individual grains off. However, we recommend waiting a few days after a section has been finished off to keep the millet pieces a special treat.


Red foxtail millet, yellow foxtail millet, sorghum panicle

Suitable for:

All rodents whose natural diets contain seeds and cereals, e. g. degus, Syrian hamsters, dwarf hamsters, fancy mice, steppe lemmings, gerbils and many others.

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