Rodipet Pedestal for Super Silent Cork Exercise Wheels

Rodipet Pedestal for Super Silent Cork Exercise Wheels


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Rodipet® Pedestal for Super Silent Cork Exercise Wheels

  • safe and stable stand
  • hamster wheel does not become embedded in bedding
  • made from high quality birch and beech woods
  • additional hiding place

This wheel stand is the perfect accessory for Rodipet® Super Silent wheels of all sizes: By increasing the wheel’s weight, the pedestal gives it an even firmer stand in your pet’s habitat. Moreover, it can help increase the ball bearings’ life span, as the raised position largely stops bits of bedding getting into the ball bearings.

Underneath the platform your pet can feel safe and secure while digging, playing or running about. Also, by placing the hamster wheel on this pedestal more space remains on the ground floor for your pet to move about than would be the case if you placed the wheel straight on the bedding.

The pedestal also comes in useful when giving your pet’s wheel a quick clean in between full cage cleanouts: as the exercise wheel stands on top of the pedestal instead of being buried in a deep layer of bedding, only a comparatively small amount of bedding gets disturbed when the wheel is lifted out.


L x W x H: 22 x 14 x 9 cm 

Suitable for:

improving the stability of Rodipet® Super Silent hamster wheels of all sizes.


*Wheels sold separately.



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