The Burrow Desert Bedding - Golden Yellow | 1L

The Burrow Desert Bedding - Golden Yellow | 1L

The Burrow

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Desert bedding is a soil mixture that has been prepared especially for terraristics, containing sand and clay. Its natural appearance and the fact that it is a lovely digging substrate make it a favourite product with many small pets. Desert bedding is a natural product and may therefore be of special interest to all those pet owners who are looking to set up a natural style enclosure for their small pets. It is also a good choice as substrate for a digging box or digging corner.

  • special soil mix containing sand and clay
  • pleasant consistency for digging
  • ideal for a digging box
  • all natural product

We can help our little friends to satisfy their digging instinct by providing a digging box filled with Desert Bedding. By the way, to make the digging box particularly interesting, you can occasionally sprinkle some small seeds or a few dried insects in it – that way, your little friend can’t just dig to his heart’s content but can also forage for food just like he would do in the wild.

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